Product And Service

Product And Service

1. Health Gainer:-

Health Gainer is purely herbal manufacturing and guarantees no side- effect on the customer. Intake of Health Gainer promises  many advantages such as  Improves Diet, weight, stamina, and energy level. It is a complete diet of one’s routine. Amount of calories as per the body requirement is initiated by the product. Guaranteed 5kg uplift in the body weight if taken on a regular basis.


2. Kidney Stones:-

Kidney Stones are a very common problem these days. It is basically a urinary tract disorder among the people. The kidney stone symptom is that it occurs when the natural texture of your urine becomes very fixed or full-bodied. And this type of thing happens in your body then the material becomes so sturdy and tight in your kidney and is slowly move down to your urine potion and sooner or later it passes out from your body.

3. Anti Piles – Blood Control:-

Pharma Science, the Indian Ayurveda has introduced the best piles of medicine which is known as Anti Piles, Blood Control. Piles are a very big problem these days and approximately 5 to 10% of people are suffering from this problem. Piles are also known by Hemorrhoids name which is of two types ‘internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

4. Anti Piles complete resolution: -

Anti Piles is also known as Hemorrhoids, it is a very painful disease which can be occurred in any age group. Today’s world most people are suffering from piles problem. The hemorrhoids symptoms are when you suffer from pain while belly movements and notice blood in the toilet, itching, irritation, swelling and lump near your anus.


5. Stone Crusher: - 

The treatment is kidney stone has become very easy with the help of Pharma Science the  India Ayurveda’s Stone Crusher. This stone crusher will remove all your kidney stone up to  20 mm. it comes with the 100% money back guarantee. It is totally based on herbs and you have to take only 4 dosages of this medicine and it should be taken empty stomach for 4  days in the morning. After taking this medicine you have to be an empty stomach for at least 2  hours or you can have juice or water instead of solid food.  If you are not satisfied with this product then you can go for the option of money back.


6. Hair Tone: - 

Hair Tone is prepared by k sheer-pack method of Ayurveda with Black sesame oil; in which there is a mixture of many valuable and precious herbs. After applying this oil within 3 to 4 days hair fall almost stopped and with its regular use we get rid of the split hairs, small short hair, thin hair, etc Hair problems, and hair becomes dense, strong and soft.


7. Vata Cure: -

This oil has been manufactured with very rare herbs by ayurvedic k-sheer pack method. it is effective in destroying the body's muscular pain, joint pain, sciatica, paralysis, headache, Back Pain, etc.


8. Leuco Treat: - 

Luecotreat is made of extreme rare & precious herbs. patients suffering from this disease get results within a few days by taking this with the following precaution.

Common symptoms of white tissue:- The only common symptom of white discharge is the abnormal white secretion from the vaginal, n there is no specific Pain, burning or any other symptoms. In modern science, it is known as Leucorrhoea.


9. Body Booster: -

Body Booster is made up of rare and precious herbs which increase the intent is to increase muscle, increase body weight, due to which get protection from normal seasonal diseases. These changes can be easily observed by the consumer within a few days. Via this Supplement,


10.Stone Crusher Plus: -

Stone crushers plus is very effective medicine which made from rare and precious herbs, which have proved to be effective in extracting kidney stones up to 20 mm,

11. Body Gainer:-

Body Gainer gives visible results within 30 days and testimonials prove that consumers put on 4-5 Kgs within a  month depending upon the body condition. The product (2-3 grams) is to be taken twice daily with water after an hour’s gap post meal. 






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